The institute has 70 beds in six wards including an isolated ward for the addiction unit and a psychiatric intermediate care unit (PICU) occupying 3 floors one of them for females. Each ward is managed by a multi-disciplinary team which offers a full spectrum of treatment options. This allows our comprehensive psychiatric management to individualize therapy and, thereby, gain the best result possible for each patient.


  •  Pharmacological treatment.
  •  Psychotherapy, behavior and cognitive therapies.
  •  Rehabilitation and recreative programs.
  •  Family counselling.
  •  Brain synchronization therapy.




General Psychiatry Clinic:
General Psychiatry Out-Patient Clinics working four days weekly.\

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics
A multi-disciplinary team approach is adapted for the evaluation and treatment of children
and adolescents. The team includes a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a trained nurse.

Substance Abuse Clinic
This clinic is designed to help patients maintain abstinence and further enhanced personal
growth and development. Services include individual, marital and family therapy. In addition, we
have developed an innovative group therapy program.

Psychosexual Disorders Clinic
A clinic concerned with psychogenic sexual disorders. It provides full medical and physical
assessment beside the necessary laboratory and electrophysiological measures.

Sleep Disorders Clinic
It is a highly specialized outpatient facility for the evaluation and treatment of patients with
problems related to sleep and wakefulness. All night sleep studies are performed at the
polysomnography located in the center.

Tobacco Cessation Clinic
It is highly specialized outpatient clinic providing professional cessation program.
Emergency Service Facilities
We have a 24 hours emergency service. A full team consists of a psychiatrist, a trained
nurse, and workers.


Brain Synchronization Therapy (BST)
This is done by using general anaesthesia and muscle relaxants. We use Thymatron DG
apparatus; also there is a monitor present to assess oxygen saturation, temperature, tube and
airflow, thus ensuring the safety of the patient.

Rehabilitation Center
The aim of the rehabilitation program is to resettle the patient in the community and to
improve his functioning. The rehabilitation is done for both inpatients and outpatients. It provides
occupational training and recreational activities.

Clinical Psychology Unit
This unit offers a comprehensive full psychological assessment using wide varieties of
psychological batteries and recent computerized psychological measurements. It offers service for
both outpatients and inpatients. In addition, the team participates in group therapy, cognitive and
behavior psychotherapies.

It is one of the most advanced practical instruments in the field of sleep disorders today.
The sleep Trace 2000 is a complete polysomnograph. It can record 16 channels of physiological
data. It is used for diagnosing of sleep disorder.

Electro Encephalo Gram (EEG):
The EEG reports are revised by highly qualified staff members.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS):
Patients undergo a schedule of TMS sessions that are associated with clinical assessment