Four General Adult Psychiatry Clinics, working four days weekly.

One Child Psychiatry Clinic operated five days a week. In this clinic, we take a multi-disciplinary team approach for the evaluation and treatment of the child. The team includes psychiatrists, social workers,psychologists and trained nurses.

Two Addiction Psychiatry Clinics, working twice weekly. This clinic is designed to help patients maintain abstinence and enhance their personal growth and development further. Services include individual, marital, family, spiritual therapy and group therapy programs.

One Old Age Psychiatry and Memory Clinic operated twice weekly. It is a highly specialized clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with memory and cognitive problems.

One Psychosexual disorders Clinic operated once weekly. In this clinic, we are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychogenic sexual disorders. We provide full psychological assessment beside the necessary laboratory and electrophysiological measures, such as penile doppler and sacral evoked potentials. Aversion therapy apparatus will be soon available.

One Sleep disorders Clinic, It is a highly specialized outpatient facility for the evaluation and treatment of patients with problems related to sleep and wakefulness. All night sleep studies are performed at the (sleep Lab.) located in the center.

One Counseling Clinic. Our family educational program is a vital part of treatment to follow up the patient regularity and hence detect early relapse.

Smoking cessation clinic (new)