Founder of the Okasha Institute of Psychiatry



  • Professor and founder of Okasha Institute of Psychiatry, Director of WHO Collaborating Center for Training and Research in Mental  Health, Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
  • President of World Psychiatric Association (2002 – 2005)
  • President of the Egyptian Society of Biological Psychiatry, member of WFSBP
  • Honorary President Egyptian Psychiatric Association.
  • Honorary President  Arab Federation of Psychiatrists
  • Editorial Advisory Board of 23 International Scientific Journals.
  • Member of National Mental Health Council , Member of Supreme Council of Culture, Member of Supreme Council of Health, Member of National Council Addressing Fundamentalism and Terrorism
  • Chairman of the scientific committee of Egyptian Board of Psychiatry, Egyptian Board of child and adolescent psychiatry, and Egyptian Board of addiction psychiatry
  • Published more than 300 Original Articles in National and International Journals.
  • Editor and contributor of 50 national and international books in the field of psychiatry and psychology in both Arabic and English languages, member of the editorial board of many international psychiatric journals
  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh), and Royal College of Psychiatrists (London) and Presidential Commendation American Psychiatric Association.
  • Honorary Doctorate and Fellowship from many Universities and Psychiatric Associations, Honorary Doctorate in Medical education (Luzanne), Awarded Kraeplin – Alzheimer Medal, Munich University (2012)
  • Awarded from the Egyptian Academy of Science, The State Prize in creativity in Medicine (2000), State Merit Award in Medical Sciences (2007), Nile Merit Award in Medical Sciences (2010), Medal of Science and Arts of the first degree (2013).
  • Awarded the Golden Medal and honorary fellowship of IACAPAP (International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions)  (2004)
  • Honorary Doctorate in Science from Ain Shams University, Cairo 2019.
  • Member of the board of Trustees of Alexandria Library
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Academy of Science and Technology
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Science and Technology Development
  • Executive Member of the National Investment Charity Education Fund.
  • Member of the Egyptian Presidential Council of Distinguished Scientists.
  • Adviser to the Egyptian President to Mental Health and Community Integration