The Institute of Psychiatry, was founded by the efforts of Professor Ahmed Okasha. It is a center dedicated to provide high quality psychiatric care, educational and research activities. Service stared in July 1990 and since that time, it offers specialized care in response to public need and enhanced by education, research and technology. The institute has not stopped expanding since then, with new units that adapt updated techniques and address new issues in psychiatry established as needed. In 2017, the most recent addition is a new educational and service building containing a lecture hall and 4 clinics.

The Institute was selected to be a WHO collaborating Center for Research and Training in Mental Health and in 2016 was also selected to be a WPA collaborating center for Research and Training.

Our comprehensive, confidential inpatient and outpatient services emphasize total patient health including mental, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Our staff is composed of a multi- disciplinary team of experienced psychiatrists working closely with psychologists, registered nurses, social workers and rehabilitation and vocational counsellors to assess our patients’ needs and to develop personalized health care plans.


  • The Okasha Institute of psychiatry aims to provide evidence based high quality services to our patients, not only to treat the disorders, but to help psychiatric patients confront and overcome their disabilities, by offering the optimum psychiatric and rehabilitation services.
  • The Okasha Institute of psychiatry aims to provide up to date, high quality teaching and training activities for both under- and post- graduate students.
  • The Okasha Institute of psychiatry aims to continue as one of the leading research centers in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East conducting researches that eventually can be beneficial in further management of mentally ill patients, putting in consideration the cultural difference.

Our Mission

  • The Okasha Institute of psychiatry is committed to the tripartite mission of providing the highest level of clinical care to all patients, create new knowledge, conducting innovative research, and educating the new generations who will be the future leaders in the field.

Our Vision

  • The Okasha Institute of Psychiatry will be a centre of excellence in psychiatric service, care, treatment, education & research.